Fiber Optic Internet Advantages

fiber optic internetFiber optic Internet connections have a lot to offer consumers and businesses alike.  In fact, it is probably safe to say that most businesses would see a great deal of promise in a future where every home in America was connected to a fiber optic Internet connection.  Here are just some of the advantages that could be gained by a future where every home in America was served by the future of broadband technology, fiber optics:

Online Backups Made Practical by Fiber Optic Internet Connections

We all need to back up our data, but the future may belong to a unique form of online storage that lets us access our data from anywhere.  Imagine going on a trip and logging in to your account via the terminal in a hotel room or in an airplane and having all of your files right there, ready for you.  This is already something that is starting to happen, but there is a problem: electricity sent long distances over metal wires to form broadband connections does not increase in performance in line with storage growth.  In fact, there is a disparity of about 10 to 1 in terms of growth.  Fortunately, fiber optic connections will slow this disparity down, but they may not be enough to totally remove it.

Fortunately, the trend to move local storage to flash storage may help give broadband connections a period of time in which they can cover for this disparity, but that extra time will not last forever.  When storage resumes its unrelenting growth, fiber optics will need to be there to make backups practical.

Applications Delivered Online via Fiber Optic Internet Connections

The future of applications is about to change, and we are already seeing that with high end products from firms like Adobe moving into The Cloud.  That’s right, no longer is The Cloud just a place for storage, it is a place where apps will live on in a sort of rental form.  This is a great revenue stream and way to ensure that piracy is no longer a serious concern for developers looking for a return on their investment in developing a product, but it also means a new dawn for consumers as well.  It is entirely possible that these same companies will start to sell computational time on their end as well, enabling affordable PCs to take on an entirely new dimension and perhaps even merge fully with television sets.

Our crystal ball here is unclear in regards to the future of the PC, but what is clear is that The Cloud is a place that will be best explored by consumers with lightning fast broadband connections.  While today’s DSL and cable modems may seem fast, they may not be snappy enough for full-scale evolution of software, and that may hurt us as a nation so long as rivals such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia do not respect our Intellectual property laws.  The brain drain in this country may only be solved by faster Internet.

Media Consumption in New Ways Opens New Doors

The tools to make and edit media have been increasingly available to consumers as time has marched on, and the explosion of sites such as YouTube has shown that the world has some incredible talent.  If you are tired of networks telling you what to watch, and then often cancelling whatever they told you was the best thing on TV just when it started getting good, then you might be in the right mindset to understand just why the explosion of media possibilities is a good thing.

Simply put, the media has for too long held an exclusive stranglehold on us and it is now possible that we can see just how much talent America and other countries have, but only if we have connections fast enough to produce, upload, and consume this content in a fashion reasonably close enough to what we experience when we watch television.  Companies can also join in of course, and therein lies the beauty of this proposition for businesses and consumers alike!  Already companies with popular YouTube channels are starting to see that they do not have to pay for print advertising or television commercials to place their products and to reach to their own consumer base.